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The Denpasoft site has recently updated with plenty of new changes!

To help clear some confusion of what’s changed or how to access your account please read below.

If you previously had an account with Denpasoft please re-register with the same email you used before! You will be able to reactivate your old account this way after clicking on the activation email that is sent to you.

If you’ve never had a Denpasoft account then this doesn’t apply to you.

To retrieve all of your downloads from your previous account please email [email protected] and they will provide you with new links to downloads for your purchases.

Any old email download links will not work anymore.

If you purchase anything on the new site you will get a link to download on the Checkout page and also receive an email with a link to your download.

Unfortunately with the new site we are unable to provide direct links to your downloads on the site. It is important to keep these emails or links to access your downloads easily. If you lose the link, hit your download limit, or email with the link, please contact [email protected] and they will be happy to assist you.