• Download problems with NEKOPARA Vol 4 and how we fixed it
    Hello, Ever since the launch of NEKOPARA Vol. 4 we’ve received reports of downloads failing to complete. We wanted to give some background on what happened and what we did to improve the user experience of downloading from Denpasoft. First, we like to share some numbers from the first two days of NEKOPARA Vol. 4 […]
  • Denpasoft’s Back!
    Hello and welcome back. After our sudden removal from our previous provider we’re now back running on a self hosted and managed system. We’re aware there’s some issues with the site and have prepared a list of workarounds. Can’t buy anything! This is on purpose as we will be testing payment services in the morning. […]
  • KuroCon 2020 Updates & Announcements!
    We don’t wanna spoil you too quickly on what’s new, so let’s go through the update first! Game Updates Harumade KururuDeveloper: Sumikko Soft A Certain Situation Of course, even if I put it that way there’s no way I can explain the situation I’m in… In any case, I find myself with 4 other girls […]

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