• Denpasoft’s Back!
    Hello and welcome back. After our sudden removal from our previous provider we’re now back running on a self hosted and managed system. We’re aware there’s some issues with the site and have prepared a list of workarounds. Can’t buy anything! This is on purpose as we will be testing payment services in the morning. […]
  • KuroCon 2020 Updates & Announcements!
    We don’t wanna spoil you too quickly on what’s new, so let’s go through the update first! Game Updates Harumade KururuDeveloper: Sumikko Soft A Certain Situation Of course, even if I put it that way there’s no way I can explain the situation I’m in… In any case, I find myself with 4 other girls […]
  • Temporary Removal of Mahou Arms
    A message from the Developers Dischan Media “Hello everyone, First, we’ve temporarily removed the game from sale. We are still developing the game and it will be available again in a month or two. Read on for the reason behind this. Unfortunately, I must inform you that we recently received a threat of legal action against us from a […]

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