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NOTE: This game is still currently in Early Access. Please visit Shady Corner Games for the latest information and updates.

Play as Caly, a sexy adorkable space merc in VoidBound, a Sci-fi Ero tactical RPG with a dynamic combat system focusing on strategic gameplay and kinky encounters. Prepare for battle by modifying your arsenal of weapons and gadgets to bring down more and more powerful aliens, deadly robots, and much more! Explore exotic planets, discover new outfits and equipment, and find yourself entangled in the midst of an intergalactic war where your choices will leave a lasting impact on the future of the universe.

Dialogue Choices: Players will encounter dialogue choices that allow them to shape the story and Caly’s relationship with the supporting cast. Some quests will put you squarely between two competing factions, and you must decide where you stand. Do you pledge your allegiance to the planetary defense force dedicated to eradicating slimes, or do you side with the mysterious slime people who have been forced to live in the sewers for centuries?

Scenes: Traversing the world of Voidbound can lead you to both pleasurable and sticky situations. Just because Caly is trying to save Earth doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve some fun now and then. In private or otherwise. Currently, there are over 40 hand-drawn erotic scenes in the game with more to come!

Tactical Turn-based Combat: The grid-based battlefield allows for strategic tactical movement and combat engagements. Each skill has range that defines from how far you can attack or how far you need to stay away from your foes. Be careful if your outfit gets damaged, as enemies might alter their tactics and try to seduce Caly!