Succubus Shelly 2

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Succubus Shelly 2

2 years after the release of Succubus Shelly comes the sequel. Featuring over 2 hours of animation as well as 2 times the amount of voice recording as the previous release. This is for all the Shelly fans who wanted to see all the different sides of Shelly. While it’s not required to have played Succubus Shelly first, if you do then you will enjoy Succubus Shelly 2 120% more!

You and Shelly are newlyweds and your honeymoon takes you overseas to an island resort. Shelly was hoping to entice you with a sexy swimsuit yet you insist on her wearing a school swimsuit instead.

“Oh darling, you are such a pervert.”

Have fun at the resort playing beach volleyball, cutting watermelon and more. But when Shelly gets hungry, it’s your cock that she wants to satisfy her appetite.

But when night falls, it’s time for you, her master, to teach her a lesson or two for all the teasing she does. Thus begins your sexy newlywed life with a succubus!