Hiiragi’s Special Lesson

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Hiiragi’s Special Lesson

The second release by Blue Arrow Garden which features almost double the number of animation cuts as Chinatsu’s Summer Vacation! You can also choose to have Hiiragi call you “Onii-chan” or “Senpai”.

Hiiragi has her eye on you, her senpai, and wants to express her feelings to you. Maybe even a sweet and lewd evening together. However, no matter how much she tries, those feelings are not reciprocated. With some information from Chinatsu, Hiiragi tries to corner him in a classroom and make her move.

“Ah… Aah.. Ahhh… Mm… Haah… Haah… Mm…”
“Onii-chan… More… Give me more, haah. Mm, mm… Ahh!”

(Eh?! No way… Chinatsu… and Senpai… doing this and that in the classroom. There’s no way… They’re siblings…!)

A few days later, Hiiragi corners you in a classroom.

“So you do perverted things with Chinatsu.”
I showed the photo I took yesterday to shaken him up, enough that he couldn’t move.

“But I love you too, senpai, that’s why…”
“Have sex with me, and then choose between me or Chinatsu.”

Even though he tried to decline, his body’s very honest♪

I take out senpai’s warm and hot rod, and starting with my feet…
I’ll use my whole body to make him feel good, better than Chinatsu can ever make him feel♪

“Senpai, make my feet sticky with all of your white stuff, okay♪”

Chinatsu cannot be interacted with.
The focus is entirely on Hiiragi.
To enjoy Chinatsu, please play “Chinatsu’s Summer Vacation”.