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“So, which one are you gonna join?”

Spring—a season of new encounters. As I walk beneath the cherry blossoms, my heart races in anticipation at what my new life will be like. That is, until students start approaching me a short distance from the campus gate…

“It’s gotta be Gekka, right? Tradition is so important!”

“But Tendo’s all about innovation. Trust me, we have more fun!”

Ainoshima Academy’s two student councils don’t quite get along, but before I transferred here they were splitting the student vote dead-even. Now I’m the tiebreaker. That’s why everyone is vying to sway my swing ballot.

“Together, let’s inspire every student to rise to bigger and better things!”

“You’ll be working with our side, though, right?!”

This place was supposed to be my verdant island of love! All I see in the cards is desertion and disappointment—I’ll be letting down half the students no matter which side I choose!

With the expectations of two very vocal student factions on my shoulders, how am I going to pick one without ruining my chances at campus romance?

Wanna revisit Ainoshima Academy six years later?