A Clockwork Ley-Line – Complete Soundtrack

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A Clockwork: Ley-Line – Complete Soundtrack contains the complete soundtrack for the A Clockwork: Ley-Line trilogy.

Spread across 2 discs for a total of 44 tracks, the soundtrack features all the music from each game including the opening and ending themes performed by JOH and KIYO. The soundtrack comes with files in both MP3 and FLAC formats.

Disc 1:
01. Ley-Line of Twilight time (Full Version)
02. FLOW
03. Casual Days
04. O・M・A・R・U
05. Delusion Waltz
06. Camellia
07. Underground Library
08. m o r a l
09. Dobry~den!
10. Curtain of Night
11. TO-KU-SA
12. vision
13. A Certain Everyday Pre.Rhythm
14. Heart and Soul
15. Lingering Regret
16. -Storage-
17. I’m here.
18. Music box ”Ley-Line of Twilight time”
19. A Visit to the Realm of Night
20. Ley-Line of Twilight time ~from A Clockwork Ley-Line~

Disc 2:
01. Daybreak of Remnants Shadow (Full Version)
02. Harmony und Disziplin
03. Die Melodie des Schattens
04. Soft and Fluffy♪
05. Reasoned
06. Chase the shadow
07. Nostalgic dream
08. Unseen Future
09. o r g a n i z e
10. Intruders
11. Vanish
12. Touch the mind
13. Nervous PLAYTHINGS
14. Mind Control
15. Daybreak of Remnants Shadows
16. Clockwork Ley-Line -The Last episode- (Full Version)
17. Break the fate
18. Iáska
19. Ley-Line
20. Lazurit’s Music Box
21. M A S T E R M I N D
22. Places where you are (Full Version)
23. Clockwork Ley-Line -The Last episode-
24. Places where you are


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