Monster Girl Conquest Battle Orc

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The orcs tribes were drastically wiped out in the recent war. But a lone orc stands up for the prosperity of his species in this side scrolling action game where Orcs fight big breasted monster girls in the vein of classic beat em ups!

Defeat the monster girls using a variety of attacks and moves, build your harem and take over the land! Defeating enemies unlocks sex scenes which can help you recover health and jump back into battle for round 2!

Over 50 tyles of monster girls with 13 races! Elves, minotaurs, centaurs, dryads, ogres, lizards, zombies, killer bees, robots, harpies and more! The more sex you have the more your monster girls powers increase!

-Fully Uncensored English Version for the first time ever!
-Original Japanese Text Version
-13 stages set across the land with multiple replayability
-Classic side scrolling combat in tribute to many arcade classics
-Gallery mode so you can revist sex scenes any time you like
-Lots of busty monster girls to collect!
-Erotic pixel animation over 1000s of frames!
-Zoom feature to get up close in each sex scene!