Kiara And My Ara Ara Adventure

$ 2.99


Earn up to 30 Points.



Meet Kiara. She’s your new catgirl servant!

She is a catgirl with an ara ara onee-san personality and a pretty peculiar gift…
Learn about the world you have found yourself in and the pleasures that Kiara has to offer in this ara ara adventure!


  • High quality anime-style artwork
  • Fully uncensored erotic CGs
  • CG gallery to view CGs and character sprites
  • More than 10 unique costumes to discover and interact with
  • Partial Japanese voice acting
  • Multiple choices

About the Developer

Team Toffer is a new game studio focused on developing adult games. The visual novel, Hikari! Clover Rescue is their debut title. Follow them on Twitter at Toffer Team. Support them on Patreon.


Toffer Team


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