Kagura Genesis Kuon’s Story

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A roguelike, replayable RPG starring a shrine maiden as its heroine.
The Kagura series has made it its mission to deliver on this promising premise—and now, for the first time, it’s also delivering with a simultaneous international release!
More story event scenes, deeper characters, and a richer world than ever.
And of course, new and exciting youkai to fuck.

In a quiet forest, far from any settlement, there lives a girl named Kuon Makami.
Having lost her mother not long ago, she spends her days alone with the wolf pup who is her best friend.
But the peaceful times come to an end when a strange pall falls over the forest, bringing with it occasional incursions of dark spirits.
Determined to find the source of the problem and stop it, Kuon begins training as an exorcist shrine maiden and sets out to brave whatever dangers lie within the depths of the woods…

1. A replayable roguelike adventure!
With roguelike RPG gameplay, the dungeons you’ll adventure through and the foes you’ll face there will be different on every playthrough. Fan-favorite “Dawn of Kagura” series features like the Pandemonium and Youkai Soulshare systems are back, so remember to buff up your recruited youkai buddies before you take the fight to the enemy!

2. More story CGs than ever!
The story now features more CGs outside of sex scenes to illustrate the action. See the characters and setting in sharper focus than ever before.

3. Youkai H-scenes you’ll love!
Indulge in interspecies intercourse! There are 18 different youkai sex scenes, escalating in intensity depending on whether the heroine is a virgin or a non-virgin and whether she’s been attacked by that youkai before. Lose to a youkai within the dungeon to start a sex scene on the spot! Those dastardly demons are always eager to impregnate our intrepid miko.

4. Bedevil her with bad endings!
By popular demand from legions of “Dawn of Kagura” fans—bad endings are back and hotter than ever! Meet certain conditions to lead the heroine into disaster!

5. Unlock special interlude scenes!
Special nodes will sometimes appear on the map that allow you to unlock secret interludes. These scenes stand alone from the main story and bring a new window into the characters and world!