Iris Covenant -To the Depths of the Earth-

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One day, something happened to a small village south of the Kingdom of Forvinnia. The entrance to an dungeon suspected of being a monster’s den was discovered, and several villagers were taken. There are rumors that monsters attack people one after another, and it has finally reached King. To calm the turmoil, local lord is trying to attract adventurers with high rewards…

J/Enter Confirm
K/Esc Cancel
U Attack
I Strong Attack
L Defend
O Skill List
Y Item List
H Swift Character
1/2 Swift Weapon
M/Esc Menu
Check the details in the in-game tutorial.
The key config can be customized.

Dungeon Adventure ARPG
You can select the gender of the main character, and the event will change depending on the gender.
Enemy characters other than the main boss can be ally with the skill of you.
Round Bonus and Multiple Endings.
Some characters can be unlocked in the 2nd Round.

*Erotic Scenes
There is a heroine half-naked mode, and over 50 erotic scenes in total.
Mainly defeat insult, mind control and normal play.