Guilty Force: Wish of the Colony

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Play Kira and investigate Corporation Z and their private colony. With sexy women and men alike to approach, extensive weapon options and optional depth, Guilty Force can become your new guilty pleasure!

This 2.5D sci-fi/cyberpunk platformer focuses on side-scrolling platforming action, and multiple approaches in gameplay with a branching optional visual novel storyline that is sure to entertain with a lively, unique, and diverse cast of characters. Guilty Force is a blend of both classic Western and anime influences that bring a fresh look to a familiar genre, inspired by media both new and classic, such as Deus Ex, Mass Effect, and more!

– Over 100 Sex animations you can control…or not…
– Go head first into combat or stealth your way through – you have multiple ways of solving the task;
– Over 40 unlockable sex scenarios
– Optional visual novel storyline with enough content to satisfy those who don’t like action gameplay!
– 27 bumpin’ tunes to immerse you in the world of Guilty Force.
– Each set of animations and gameover HCGs will be unlocked by completing each game stage, so you don’t have to lose in order to unlock in-game animations/gameover HCGs!
– A powerhouse cast of voice work from SilkyMilk, Lady Lustria, VoiceLikeCandy, Joey Lanuza, KO Clover, Rochester Bat, Kanono, Shiyon, MidnightDatura and Steve Hamm!