Cat’s Kiss

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A cozy and somewhat chaotic cohabitation life!

Cursed into the body of a cat, XiangLi needs your kiss to break her curse!

Well, she needs one of noble descent — a true prince. Only problem is that this “prince” has turned to running V-ber Eats to make rent and repay his student loans.
Are you allergic to cats? Do you want to kiss a cat? Do you even like cats? Such questions can be cast aside with the wads of cash pulled out of her secretary’s pockets.
Now in this once-lonely apartment, a cat(girl?) is roaming about. In the search to find a solution to her curse, the warm and chaotic life of living together is about to begin!

Seems things may be starting to look up for our prince of fallen nobility…

●Conversation System
With numerous topics and interactions to pick from, get to know her better. Maybe you’ll learn something a bit more… intimate.

●Delivery System
Now you have two mouths to feed. So much for her being rich… Choose from different locations and try to maximize your profits as you deliver food on your white horse beat-up scooter. Make your noble ancestors proud!

Who says you can’t live big when you’re poor? Thirsty? Choose from a variety of authentic Taiwanese drinks ranging from classic milk tea, to exotic Whisbih. Want to “play” with your cat? A bell ball might do, but an egg vibrator might be more fitting. Or maybe you want to venture into the realm of catnip…

●Late Night System
Living together does have its perks, especially when she’s in human form. Unlock late-night interactions, including touching, undressing, and two “adult toys.”

New sensitivity and sexual arousal systems. Use your skills to satisfy her!

When she wakes up, you may be able to do something that only adults can do. Or will you be kicked out of bed? Intimacy is the key.