9-nine-:Episode 4

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Spoilers from the previous games contained below, read with caution.


9-nine- Episode 4 is the fourth volume in a series of supernatural mystery games, with Episode 4 telling a story centered around Noa Yuuki. The entries in the the 9-nine- series share the same setting and world, but each entry focuses on a different heroine. The villainous mastermind is revealed, friends are at odds, the mystery of the Artifacts uncovered, and bonds are tightened through mutual trust. What lies in store for this young man and woman with the power of justice at their fingertips in this installment?

This game differs from the other games in that the story structure assumes that you have already played the past titles (9-nine- Episodes 1-3.) You will be able to enjoy this as a standalone title as well, but we highly suggest that you play this game after playing the other titles in the series.

Each game has an independent story that can be enjoyed on its own. We hope you enjoy the experience that is the 9-nine- series.

9-nine- takes place in the run-of-the-mill college town of Shiromitsugawa where an earthquake breaks a sacred artifact from the Shrine of the White Serpent, unleashing jewelry-like items that bestow their holder’s special powers called “Artifacts” from a parallel world. When an incident involving a power that transcends human comprehension, Kakeru Niimi, our protagonist, investigates several branches (parallel worlds) in order to settle the matter.

With the mastermind finally revealed, Sophitia, otherworldly entity set to reclaim the Artifacts, tells him to defeat this person pulling the strings. The first day, the day that the festival was cancelled due to the earthquake back at the shrine—Kakeru is now equipped with memories from every branch and is on the move to solve this conflict.

Amidst this, a girl with a strong sense of justice from Kuho Girls Academy, Noa Yuuki, has an ability that seems to be the key to defeating the mastermind. Knowing this, Kakeru divulges about the events in other branches to her. All the while uncovering the secrets behind why the Artifacts come to this world, settling the scores with the Evil Eye’s User, what will be the fate of these young men and women with otherworldly power at the fingertips?

Kakeru Niimi CV: Jun Teratake


Protagonist of the story and a second year at Hakusen Academy.

Though he can be a bit on the blunt side, Niimi is a reliable young man with a strong sense of responsibility.

After Kujo explained to him about the Artifacts, he joined her on a mission to get to the bottom of the mysterious petrification incidents plaguing the town.

According to Sophitia, he himself is an Artifact User, but he is completely unaware of it, and his ability remains unknown.


  • Height: 180 cm
  • Hobby: Building models
  • Likes: Hearty home cooking
  • Dislikes: Not standing behind his promises


Haruka Kosaka CV: Shirona Nagisa


A third-year at Hakusen Academy.

Though she appears timid and reserved, Haruka has recently acquired a gaggle of boy toys, whom she orders around like a queen at court. She’s a voracious reader of manga, but she keeps that a secret from most people.

Her abilities are currently unknown, but she seems to have no reservation about using them on people.


  • Height: 158
  • Measurements: 90-59-88
  • Blood type: A
  • Birthday: April 9th


 Miyako Kujo CV: Natsu Sawada 


A second-year at Hakusen academy and Kakeru’s classmate.

Miyako is the daughter of a famous CEO, and is well-known throughout the school for her beauty and her polite demeanor.

Though she’s generally on top of things, she does have an airheaded side to her. After school, she works part time at Nine Ball, a cafe owned by her grandfather.
Miyako’s ability allows her to steal ownership of others’ belongings.


  • Height: 149cm
  • Measurements: 86-57-82
  • Blood type: O
  • Birthday: November 2nd

Yuuki CV: Nanako


A second year at Kuho Girls Academy.

Yuuki is a mysterious girl with a tendency to deflect questions about herself. Her tendency to indulge in her dessert of choice has earned her the embarrassing nickname “Parfait Queen” at the cafe Nine Ball.


  • Height: 146 cm
  • Measurements: 73-56-70
  • Blood type: AB
  • Birthday: December 1st

Sora Niimi CV: Sawa Sawasawa


A first-year at Hakusen Academy and this installment’s heroine.

Sora is the protagonist’s cheeky little sister.

Free-spirited to a fault, she spends most of her time barging into Kakeru’s room and eating his snacks or playing his games.

However, despite her outgoing demeanor, she’s quite the coward.

Thanks to the mysterious powers of her Artifact, she can manipulate her presence as she pleases.


  • Height: 156cm
  • Measurements: 82-58-77
  • Blood type: B
  • Birthday: July 20th


Sophitia CV: Arai-san.


An unknown lifeform who sought out the protagonist.

Sophie looks like a creepy plushie, but she insists that it’s only her temporary form while in the protagonist’s world, and that she’s actually a beautiful girl. She claims to be a member of Sephirot, an organization that manages the Artifacts, and says she was sent to the protagonist’s world to begin collecting the lost Artifacts which escaped after the the destruction of the shrine’s sacred relic. On discovering that Kakeru and Miyako are Users, she enlists their help to gather the Artifacts and restore normalcy to the world.


  • Height: ???
  • Hobby: ???
  • Likes: ???
  • Dislikes: ???

Ghost CV: Yuuka Kotorii


An aggressive, cruel girl, and a member of Rig Veda.


  • Height: ???
  • Hobby: ???
  • Likes: ???
  • Dislikes: ???

Renya CV: Senmai Houdentei 


A student at Hakusen Academy. The leader of Rig Veda, an organization made by Users, for Users.

He has a tendency to put on airs when he talks, much like Yuuki.

  • Gorgeous art from Izumi Tsubasu (Artist of SakuSaku:Love Blooms with the Cherry Blossoms)
  • Multi part series with independent stories per episode
  • CG gallery
  • Music gallery
  • Movie gallery
  • FULL Japanese voice acting (Including the main character! Yes, even in the erotic scenes!!)
  • Japanese, English, and Chinese text. Dual-lang display options
  • Animated erotic scenes
  • With mosaic