Mahou Arms Photo Mode, Codex, and Drone Racing Update Live! (V0.3.1581)

Published: March 18, 2023

Build 0.3.1581 is live! This build includes photo mode (accessible for now using P on keyboard, hold left special button on gamepad), a new codex (very WIP, accessible from main menu), the start of brand new accessibility options, and a new drone racing minigame! There are also various tweaks, bugfixes, and some general QoL improvements!

Featured Additions:


Accessibility: Dialogue Text Size

Other Changes (since V.0.3.1457)
  • Accessibility options added: Dialogue Text Size, Camera Movement (reduced option reduces camera shakes and FOV changes)
  • Helper icon fetching code optimized, in some cases rare 60-100ms lag spikes are mitigated to ~8-20ms when spawning UI menus with lots of helper icons
  • Additional helper icons added
  • Tutorials have been added; can be turned off in Gameplay Settings
  • Update the UI styling for Inventory and Journal in-game menus
  • Additional particle effects added to some enemies
  • Quest names updated
  • When using Amelia’s Gun Mode, the crosshair no longer auto-positions (shots still have a small aim-assist)
  • Gun Mode crosshair style updated, also turns red and converges when placed on a valid target
  • Drone Racing minigame added. Turn left upon entering Rhyme’s Square in Chapter 3 to find the pilot chair to access the first racetrack (currently the only racetrack in the game)
  • Leaderboard UI menu added; currently only used for Drone Racing minigame
  • List, grid, and popup menus now support autorepeat key input when the gamepad joystick is kept in a direction
  • Ocean shader updated and stylized
  • Fixed a small gap in the background for Settings and Pause UI
  • Fixed a bug where choice menus don’t support D-pad navigation
  • Fixed a bug where some drill attacks don’t respect master volume sliders
  • Fixed a couple bugs where pausing during transitions are playing soft locks the game
  • Fix a bug where Amelia would loop her run stop animation when she is running at a boundary speed between running and walking
  • Fixed various bugs when transitioning between Drone Mode, Pause, and Gameplay
  • Various other bugfixes
  • Fixed a spelling inconsistency for Dragon Fall
  • Fixed a level streaming error in Rockefallen Dining Room
  • Fixed a glitch where interacting with a UseTrigger makes it impossible to respawn
  • Enemies standing higher than Susan can now be pulled a little more reliably when there’s a vertical bump in the way between them
  • Enemy markers no longer vanish on the map
  • Ch3 Quest properly named Ch3 instead of Ch1
  • Fixed a bug where dying in Ch1 makes the UI vanish
  • Fixed a bug where standard size text box has text overflow
  • Two new H-scenes