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How Are Denspasoft Games Priced?

How Are Denspasoft Games Priced?

18+ DLC price pricing steam version Authored By Denpasoft Staff

Welcome to another entry in the Denpasoft blog! Take a breather from the bobs and lewdness to read about the latest info that we have to offer! ✨ Today, we’re going to do something a little different: We want to discuss some of the misconceptions on pricing and the business end of Denpasoft. We’re working hard to bring as much transparency as we can to you, the fans, and we hope this will be a great step forward! One of the many questions and criticisms we get is regarding our pricing model for 18+ games, all-ages versions of the games and their DLC...

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Complementary Steam keys removed from titles

Authored By Denpasoft Staff

We have to remove Steam keys from titles that had Steam key support. Roughly $30,000 worth of keys were stolen from us and we will be contacting Valve to disable the keys that were fraudulently obtained. We're sorry for the inconvenience but we must protect our relationship with our credit card processor or else we will not be able to offer adult games in the future.

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