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Announcing a New Upcoming Title!

Hello everyone!

We’re very excited and proud to announce this new and upcoming visual novel title, which was based off a story from Nocturne Novels. A submission-based novel site where budding novelists can submit their 18+ stories, it’s the perfect place for up-and-coming Light Novel writers to make their professional debut, and it has led big publishers to often pick up novels there for publication.

Within the sheer number of users and stories on Nocturne Novels, one outstanding novel has picked up rave reviews and taken the top spot in the yearly rankings. Readers are captivated by the detailed world descriptions and the hectic plot, but what stands out most of all is the characters’ realism and credibility. Fans say that they forget they’re reading a story, feeling like they’re pulled in to the world.

The earth descends into chaos, the victim count rising at an astronomical rate. Those unlucky enough to survive, spend their days in despair. But among them is our protagonist. Will he use his power to become a hero… or something else…?

By adding art and music to make this story into a visual novel, this thrilling tale has reached a whole new level!


(English logo coming soon.)


I Walk Among Zombies


Developer: Seacoxx


Yuusuke is an office worker with a dislike for people, preferring to do his job alone and in silence. When the company he works for suddenly goes bankrupt, he loses his job, and with that, all his motivation disappears, and he becomes a complete shut-in.

On one of the rare days he decides to leave his apartment after a week-long video game binge, a mysterious man attacks him and bites his arm. Though Yuusuke manages to escape back to his room, he comes down with a fever and becomes bedridden for several days.

When Yuusuke wakes up, recovered, he goes to resume his normal life, but he soon finds that in the short time he was asleep the world has completely changed. Zombies have emerged in every corner of the world simultaneously, and the few human survivors are now in hiding.


Why am I the only one the zombies don’t attack?

How will Yuusuke take advantage of his new situation, and what will he discover?

Filled with images of the characters and scenes which add a wealth of details and emotions to the story.

Featuring breathtaking artwork from Saburo.

Get ready for a visually stunning and gripping thriller story with full voice acting for the female cast, making everything all the more real and poignant! The release is planned for summer 2018!

Look forward to learning more about the main character and heroines with their respective profiles coming out next week!