Anime Expo 2024 Event Information

Published: July 3, 2024

We’re back for another exciting year of Anime Expo! We have a lot of fabulous merchandise, exclusive goods as well as a new stamp rally campaign for everyone to look forward to. Read on to see what we have in store for everyone this year!

Anime Expo

July 1 – 4, 2023
Los Angeles, CA

Booth Information

Location: Kentia Hall, Adult Area 1328

A bit of a surprise to us and a number of adult vendors but the adult area which has always been in the back corner of the Exhibit Hall has been moved downstairs to the back corner of Kentia Hall. For seasoned Anime Expo veterans, they will know this as the same area where the Artist Alley can be found. While it’s a change of scenery for us and attendees alike, we hope everyone will still stop on by and give us a visit.

To summarize what’s going on at our booth this year, we’ve created this handy info graphic with all the relevant information.

New for 2024, we are teaming up with the popular Japanese digital content platform, DLSite! We’re exciting to be working with them this year and notably they will also be having a panel this year on July 6th. On top of that, DLSite will be running a promotional campaign at the booth with some free goodies as well so don’t forget to stop by for a visit.

Also back this year is collaborative stamp rally! This time around, we’re joined by our friends at Mangagamer as well. How does this all work? All you need to do is stop by Denpasoft, JAST, Hendane and Mangagamer, purchase an item at each store and receive a stamp as well as a collectible can badge. Collect all 4 stamps and will receive a free poster featuring each of our mascots having a fun time at the beach. Girls, swimsuits and beach volleyball, what more could you ask for? The can badges and posters are limited in quantity so don’t hesitate and make sure to visit Denpasoft and our friends as well to get in on the action!

We are also pleased to announce that that not only will Future Fragments be releasing on Denpasoft this week, but users curious about the game will have a chance to try out the demo for the game at our booth! Come check out this gorgeous, erotic side scrolling action game and don’t forget to pick up a copy of the game when it goes on sale this week!

Of course, we remember how excited folks were last year with our merchandise lineup and so we made sure to return this year with even more delightful and erotastic goods for everyone to enjoy.





It’s no joke that we have so much new merchandise that it requires 4 sales boards to list everything. Even then it required combining groups of items together to make space for everything. This time around, we have even more doujinshi than last year so if you missed out on works from Watakubi or Karory, this is your chance to add to your doujinshi collection. A new addition to our lineup are the vibrant doujinshi releases from illustrator and Vtuber, Ayamy. This also includes our recently translated release of her original book, Mei’s First Experience. This release is also available in English or Chinese editions. On top of that, as announced last year at Anime Expo 2023, we have a number of English translated doujinshi as well. Of course, they are uncensored as well.

We’ve also increased our lineup of dakimakura covers as well. You’ll find our usual lineup of NEKOPARA dakimakura covers but we also have dakimakura covers for Island Diary featuring Sasai Saji’s adorable, kemonomimi girls, dragon girls and ninja catgirls from Whirlpool’s Slobbish Dragon Princess and NEKO-NIN exHeart series too. Also new to our lineup is an assortment of dakimakura covers from titles published by our friends at Nekonyan as we had mentioned in a previous news post back in June.

Lastly, as briefly mentioned last year as well, we have begun rolling out physical releases of some of our games! There’s also some rare items added to this year’s list including Comic Market 97 goods and… NEKOPARA panties?? Truly something for everyone.

Panel Schedule

Denapsoft Industry Panel

Thursday, July 4th, 11:00 PM in 402AB (Concourse, 2F)

Come join us for a late night panel on what’s new and exciting over at Denpasoft. There will be discussions on our current projects as well as some new announcements. There will be giveaways and probably a few laughs so if you weren’t planning to get any sleep Thursday night, why not spend it with us!

DLSite Panel

Saturday, July 6th, , 11:00 PM in 402AB (Concourse, 2F)

DLSite is a digital content platform from Japan that is famous the world over for their immense lineup of digital adult content. From comics to games and everything in between, DLSite has you covered. Join the team at DLSite on Saturday during their hentai extravaganza where there will certainly be a lot of fun and frivolity going on.