Anime Expo 2024 Announcement Recap

Published: July 8, 2024

In case you couldn’t make it to our Anime Expo panel this year, worry not because we’ve got all that you’ve missed right here! Let’s get to it shall we?

Starting with project updates


Elf Princess of the Otaku Club Doujinshi Series 

The typesetting and editing work are nearly completed! We will soon be taking preorders for physical copies. A digital version of the compilation will be made available for sale at a later time.

Find the first volume digitally here.


Pure Slut Miko Senpai Doujinshi Series 

The typesetting and editing work for these two volumes are also nearly completed! We will soon be taking preorders for physical copies. Digital versions of volume 2 and 3 will be made available for sale at a later time.

Find the first volume here.


NEKOPARA After – La Vraie Familie

This title is still in development and is no longer planned to be just a DLC. It will be a full standalone release planned for 2025.

Find the series here.


Future Fragments

This title is now officially available on Denpasoft!

In the year 1000 AD, your king, the strongest sorcerer in the land, has failed to defend against an enemy alliance formed specifically to crush your kingdom.

As a last-ditch effort, he opened a portal to the year 3000 AD, where the fragments of a powerful weapon lay dormant. The king’s orders were simple: get the fragments and return home safely. The magician who brings back the most fragments will become the king’s right hand woman, with all the power that brings.

Immediately after traveling to the future though, you’re faced with “The World Organization for Regulation of the Masses” (WORM), the global power that’s outlawed sex to increase productivity.

Thus, the people from this era are very, VERY desperate for sex…


Now for those new announcements~



Amairo Chocolate 3

The translation of the third volume is now in progress! Currently aiming for a 2024 release.

It’s been about one year since a young man came to Yunagicho. And in this town, he’s met quite a few people.

A serious young lady who works part-time at a coffee shop – Yukimura Chieri
An innocent shrine maiden that came from one of the beastfolk homelands – Amamiya Mikuri
A fluffy and kind woman who acts a coordinator for the local beastfolk – Misono Ichika
A strong-willed gamer that wants to be cool – Maiba Nana
A young lass that is a little on the shy side, but actually has quite a backbone – Momose Kaguya
The story of his loving relationships with these women continues.
And some completely new pages are about to be added to this story.

When Kaguya goes on her school field trip, our hero grows closer to her older sister, Momose Mitsuki, who is a master at making dango. In addition, Kohana, a self-proclaimed god and the one that apparently called our hero and Mikuri to Yunagicho, has been revived. She’s declared that she’ll conquer the town, so are our friends in a big pinch now!?

With more unique friends in the mix, the already enjoyable days are going to be even livelier!
Let’s do our best today, with both our familiar friends, and our new ones, too! ♪

Find the series here.


Hana’s Campus Life

Technically this isn’t a full adult release (it’s rated 17+), but we’re working on getting the DLC ready for release for the fans who are waiting for it.

Hana’s Campus Life is a visual novel told in the perspective of Jeong Lee-Han, an engineering student just entering his 3rd year of college. He finds himself in a bizarre situation when his life is saved by Hana, a small girl who claims to be a god.

Throughout the game, Lee-Han will face numerous situations. The reality that comes to him will be completely different depending on the player’s decisions. Perhaps he can make his dream come true as he hopes and walks the path of becoming a developer. Or perhaps he will face the truth of the world in order to save the person that he couldn’t ignore, or maybe he will save the world instead.


Kuri Kuri Click 3 ~My Sweet Model~

The translation is done! We’re hard at work getting it ready for release, keep an eye out for more news.

The third volume in the oil massage extravaganza that is the Kuri Kuri Click 3 is coming soon! In this final volume, our oil massaging hero is an otaku photographer. At a certain comic event, he meets the sexy gravure idol, Mio.

His sixth sense (?) gets him in to a photo session with Mio and an opportunity to give her an oil massage when she gets tired during the session. And despite her cautious eye, Mio eventually gives in to the pleasure of that magic massage oil…

It’s time to experience a whole different kind of photo session with the gravure idol, Mitou Mio!

Find the series here.


One Night ~Young Bride for One Night~

Another exciting release from BAG is on the way~ Unlike the previous releases from BAG, this release will be available fully uncensored without mosaic. The English and Chinese translation are also done so keep an eye out for more news!

I finally met my first love who I had not seen in over 10 years. Our parents agreed on a matchmaking meeting between us but he doesn’t realize that his partner would be me…

“Isn’t it wonderful that the two of you would be reunited this way!” My parents excitedly surprised me with that news but I was concerned.

My heart was was filled with hope and worry but on seeing my first love again… he didn’t recognize me.

“Who are you?” he said to me. He had certainly become a more wonderful man than I had expected.
“Um, well, I was h-hoping I could spend the night…” I lied to him, saying I was open to a one night stand.

“I want him to fall for me as a woman, and not because of a matchmaking meeting!”

What starts as an upcoming matchmaking meeting becomes a reunion created on the premise of a one night stand. Thus, begins a long night between these two…

More from BAG.