Anime Central 2024 Announcements

Published: May 22, 2024

Denpasoft may not have had a panel at Anime Central this year, but we actually have new announcements! Come check out what we have to announce.

First up, our Anime Central offerings included our very first printed doujinshi release. We were very excited to be working with popular illustrator Ayamy on the English release of her circle’s original doujinshi “Mei’s First Experience”. A bigger surprise was that the entire run for Anime Central was completely sold out by the end of the con.

If you missed out on this release, do not worry as we will have more copies for sale at Anime Expo this July. Please note that there are currently no immediate plans to reprint this doujinshi so stop on by our booth this summer and pick up your copy of this fantastic release.

For more information:
Ayamy (Twitter) –

Our first new announcement is the next release in the Kuri Kuri Click! series from developer Girl’s Software. This story about a perverted guy and his oil massaging magic hands shifts to a fantasy setting in Kuri Kuri Click! 2 ~My Renaissance!~.

Our protagonist lives in a remove forest and makes a living as a masseuse specializing in oil massages using secret oil concoction. However, when the Empire suddenly starts a war of aggression, customers stopped coming and no longer able to have his way with women through his oil massages, the protagonist hungers for women.

Then one day he meets a female knight who escaped after being injured and defeated in battle against enemy forces. Not only is the protagonist taken aback by the sudden appearance of a visitor, he is practically salivating at her looks. Under the guise of a oil massage to supposedly heal her wounds, he lays on the fragrant oil and begins his work…

Yes… This will be my Renaissance!

For more information:
Kuri Kuri Click! ~My Summer Vacation!~ (Steam) 
Kuri Kuri Click! ~My Summer Vacation!~ (Denpasoft)

Our final announcement is the fan disc to Madosoft’s Wagamam High Spec. This has been one of our most requested licenses and we’re pleased to finally confirm that it is coming to Denpasoft. This fan disc contains additional short stories for the four heroines of Wagamama High Spec as well as new routes for Iwakuma Yukari, Takatsuka Chitose and everyone’s favorite class rep, Watanuki Karen. More details coming soon!

For more information:
Wagamama High Spec (Denpasoft)

That’s it for Anime Central. We have a lot planned on our next convention stop so see you all again very soon at Anime Expo!