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The summer blue sky over a verdant mountain village.
Across endless rice fields as far as the eye can see, a refreshing breeze blows through.

“Welcome home!!”

Kousuke comes home from studying at an art college in the city, and there to welcome him are adorable and kind goddesses who love him dearly.

Feelings and emotions come together, and grow like budding leaves as this gentle and warm story begins.

The stage of this story is set in the “Water Village”, Hoshizuki.
Top tier staff stepped up to create this wonderful depiction of an old, traditional Japanese village where people live in harmony helping each other, centered around historical shrines and the forests that surround them.

The background artwork comes to life as if you could hear the sound of flowing water, the warmth from the glow of the sun.

Please enjoy your time in that unforgettable summer.

cv. Hina Nanri

A priestess and goddess of Hoshizuki Shrine.
Has a gentle and homely personality and is especially skilled when it comes to housework.
She calls Kousuke, “Master”.
Haru sometimes tries a bit too hard, and goes overboard in her efforts.

cv. Iroha Haruno

A priestess of Hoshitsuki Shrine.
With an energetic innocence, she’s popular with everyone. She calls Kousuke, “Onii-chan”.
More than anyone else, she strives to do her best for the people she cares about.

cv. Ichika Asahina

An ancient and high-ranking goddess who unites the area surrounding Hoshizuki Shrine.
Haru and Aki call her, “Onee-chan”.
A free spirited individual who’s also quite an otaku.

cv. Nami Umino

A white heron goddess who has lived in Hoshizuki since olden times.
Quiet and mysterious but nevertheless, she is good friends with Aki.
She is aware of Kousuke’s secret.


  • Playable in English, Japanese, and Chinese
  • Kemonomimi girls!
  • Voiced in Japanese
  • Art by Yun Aoi
  • CG & Music gallery