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The sequel contains five “After Stories” continuing all of the heroines’ routes from “The Fruit of Grisaia,” in addition to “The Cocoon of Caprice,” a story which touches on Kazami Yuuji’s painful, complex past and explores certain mysteries left unresolved in the previous title. A variety of bonus content is also included, including dozens of brief “Short Stories.”

The game is in its original Japanese version with mosaic art!



84 reviews for The Labyrinth of Grisaia ~Unrated Version~

  1. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    If you’re a fan of the grisaia series i would recommend this game because it preserves all the original content of the game unlike the steam version. I really enjoyed playing this game. Beautiful graphics and nice story. However i had download problems as download options were limited and were very slow/unstable.

  2. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Excellent unredacted release of the sequel to the Grisaia series. Do make sure you play Fruit of the Grisaia first or else this game will basically make no sense to you. Each character’s side story really enhances the epilogues of the first game and NEW SONGS! The grand route covers a lot about Kazami Yuuji’s past which was mostly just briefly referred to until this point. There’s also Prof Dave’s corner if you want some *********************** action. MAKE SURE YOU ONLY DL ONE PART AT A TIME.this is also written in the FAQ on how to install the game, you MUST only download one part at a time or else you REALLY mess up the amount of download counts you have left as well as the download itself in general. However, if you are like me and shoot yourself in the foot cuz you didnt bother reading the FAQ, just send in a support ticket and Denpasoft Support is very helpful in resolving that issue for you (abeit a couple days wait).

  3. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Took awhile to come out, but totally worth the wait. Love it to death! The girls’ after-stories are incredible.

  4. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The continuation of the grisaia series already makes this game a good one but the fact that it even shows the what ifs from the last game really sells it to me.

  5. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    This is a Five Star Game no doubt, but it loses two stars for the misleading (absent) info. As of this post nowhere on this page does state the presence or absence of censorship in the game. Maybe I’m the only one, but I’m sure others have seen “unrated”, and thought it was an uncut/uncensored version of the game. So in the empty FAQ section maybe they should mention it to perspective buyers, least customers become a bit salty at Denpasoft.

  6. Verified Owner (verified owner)


  7. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Continuation of the greatest VN of all time so of course it’s good.

  8. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Great continuation of an amazing Vn

  9. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Fantastic series!

  10. Verified Owner (verified owner)


  11. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Didn’t disappoint me one bit 🙂

  12. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The Labyrinth of Grisaia is an excellent sequel to Fruit of Grisaia, it has excellent stories and an unexpected route.

  13. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    More of what we loved about the first installment is what can be found here. The characters and the way they interact with each other is amazing. I can’t wait for the third installment to arrive.

  14. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    A prequel that covers the tragic past of our favorite garbageman, along with some bonus after-stories for the heroine routes from Fruit of Grisaia. An easy recommendation to anyone who liked Fruit of Grisaia, but don’t bother with this one if you haven’t played that game yet.

  15. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Continues the story of the excellent original. If you liked the first obviously you need this sequel in your life too!

  16. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The Grisaia trilogy is a great series. This 2n part focuses a lot more on the main character and his past.

  17. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    A very good visual novel. Not quite as good as the first but still very good.

  18. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The character isn’t a wuss and the plot is nice. I would recommend watching the anime before diving into the vn to see some differences.

  19. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The second book in the Grisaia series is pretty decently well written, and has some fantastic after stories for the routes from the first game, as well as showing what the ‘true’ route was by explaining Yuuji’s backstory. Really looking forward to reading the thrid book

  20. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    All three of these games in this trilogy are great, this one in particular went above and beyond for me personally.

  21. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    And a really good one, too!

  22. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    As expected, it was also fun to read!

  23. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    This one combines all the routes from the first one and creates a single route, that mostly covers Yuuji’s backstory, and end on a bit of a cliffhanger that continues in the next one and the last of the trilogy.However it does have a afterstory for all the character routes from the first one, that shows what happens after their respective ends in the original.Overall very good, if you are fine with them combining the routes and focusing heavily on Yuuji’s backstory.

  24. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Great VN with an engaging story and unique set of characters. Total content adds up to around 30 hours or so. Looking forward to buying the continuation!

  25. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I was disappointed by The Labyrinth of Grisaia, The story was amazing in the way it reached into the Protagonists back-story it told us why he is the way he is very well, the music was equally amazing as it helped draw me further in, and the art was equally as impeccable as the first of the trilogy. However, the developers decided to add a “Masturbation Station” which made the story feel cheap in and of itself, I get it, sex sells, and maybe it was a way to keep the trilogy alive, but I felt a little betrayed by the fact they added that, it was almost as though it screamed “This is the reason to buy this visual novel! pay no attention to the moving story!” and because of that I can almost guarantee that people are looking at the trilogy as though it were about nothing more than the sex. Just my two cents on the matter.

  26. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Its one of the great trilogy we got in released in English

  27. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Delve into Yuuji’s mysterious past as we learn of his childhood, his teen years, and where we are in the story now as well as a lead in for the next and final entry into his story.

  28. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Not only do you get some backstory on the series but you’ll also get to see some extra content in regards to the heroines.

  29. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The Fruit of Grisaia was an amazing visual novel. I was wondering if they could be able to make a solid follow up game and they absolutely knocked it out of the park. The Labyrinth of Grisaia has great after stories for each of the individual girls routes. It also has Yuuji’s back story and that was simply incredible. The writing was as good as ever. Don’t hesitate to pick this up one!

  30. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I came to buy the VN because I loved the anime, wasn’t disappointed. They cut out A LOT to make the anime, and it is really good content.

  31. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Discovered the series a while back but could could not justify the steam version due to negative reviews. Found this website and was incredibly impressed with their localisation, definitely worth buying if you enjoy the Grisaia series.

  32. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    big boobs and lolis lolis and big boobs WHAT DO I CHOSE a screw it i will take them all

  33. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The entire Grisaia series is brilliant…one of the best stories i’ve read, the anime doesn’t do it justice, pick up this VN

  34. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Worth it for the after stories alone.

  35. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Played the censored version, enjoyed the humour of the short stories, the pleasant wrapping up of the Fruit stories, and the scene setting for the “true” ending.

  36. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Great after stories and backstory for the main character.

  37. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    i played through this game and it is one of my favorite VN

  38. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Watched the anime and wanted to buy the VN.Was not dissapointed Worth it100%

  39. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    This vn is probably one of my favorites. The backstory presented in this second installment is fantastic and really brings the story full circle. If you are a fan of visual novels, this one is a must play.

  40. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Just buy it.

  41. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Have more fun with the cast of Grisaia. Labyrinth follows up Fruits by diving into Yuuji’s tragic past and how he became the MC that you got to know and love in the first game. I thought his story was just as strong as the heroines’ routes in Fruits. The experience of the main route and heroine routes were overall pretty strong and worth experiencing on their own. There’s also a bit of extra fun to be had with the short stories or with Professor Dave’s stuff.

  42. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Does not it. 10/10

  43. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    If you loved the first, then you will love this one too. I love how the game breaks up into multiple story plots for each one of the girls and a separate main story plot that ties into the third. Again one of the best VNs you will ever play.

  44. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    One of the best VN

  45. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The sequel for the one of the best novels out there,nuff said.

  46. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    A sequel to The Fruit of Grisaia that focuses on the past of the main character, Kazami Yuuji. Shorter than its predecessor, but still really good in terms of quality of the story. If you enjoyed The Fruit of Grisaia and you liked the main character then this VN is for you.

  47. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Shorter than the first title it takes you into the past of Yuuji. And the side routes of the gals gets tied into somewhat in the final title Eden of Grisaia.

  48. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Fruit of Grisaia was my first VN. I fell in love with the characters and the story. This sequel definitely delivers a great follow up to each story line, and adds a couple more. A must have for any Grisaia fan.

  49. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The Labyrinth of Grisaia certainly lives up to its name. It was a great experience to witness the myriad events which brought Yuuji to the school. I might add, this introduces my personal favourite character in the series. Not to mention, as an added bonus to the larger story, we get some really nice after stories for all the heroines’ individual routes. A very enjoyable middle to an exceptional series.

  50. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    As I’m writing I’ve still yet to fully complete this game, I still have the prologue and side stories left. Nonetheless I feel like I can already say this was a most magnificent game. It’s a bit shorter than the previous title, with each after story for the girls taking up to around 3hrs each. The quality of the writing or the art has definitely not dropped, and returning back to the life of Yuuji felt just like coming back home after a long trip, needless to say tears were shed. The only negative thing I can think of was the fact that none of the after stories had any choices or different routes in them, but if you consider how you “already made your choices” in the previous game this isn’t really too bothersome. The h-scenes are coming strong too, with about 3 per route, some starting right from the get-go, which really feels like a lot compared to how you had to wait more than 50 hours in the previous game to get them. Not complaining though, they are still well made and don’t feel out of place. TL;DR: If you liked the previous one, you need to get this.

  51. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Get all three series while they are on sale.

  52. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Very good sequal that shows you YuujiEEs past and more. Unlike the first game, there are not really any choices you can make. But the stories are very interesting.

  53. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The second part of the main Grisaia trilogy offers basically more of the same (which is good).It’s an extension of each of five routes from the previous game with additional EEThe Cocoon of Caprice”tory.Must have if you liked The Fruit of Grisaia..g

  54. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    A must to complete the trilogy.

  55. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    It’s some great stuff once again, this series is all gold. 9/10

  56. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Gotta love it

  57. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The second game in the Grisaia Series follows Yuuji recounting from his childhood to how he ended up in Mihama. Along the way we learn all the pain and suffering he has endured and how he managed to overcome adversity.

  58. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Good sequel

  59. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    A lot of content to read though. However, I’d recommend playing the first game to get the full story

  60. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    great continuation of the franchise, especially enjoyed learning more about the mysterious past of yuuji

  61. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Fantastic continuation for the franchise.

  62. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Amazing sequel would recommend whole trilogy

  63. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Finally you can understand Yuuji story, I really liked this VN. Super recommended.

  64. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Great story!

  65. Verified Owner (verified owner)


  66. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    welp i put my review for this game on the wrong one by accident but here we go again. TLDR great game love the backstory, and sets up the third story nicely.

  67. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Great backstory chapter for the MC

  68. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Good story

  69. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Really good. A must buy if you enjoyed the first game.

  70. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Great follow up to the first game. Love the Grisaia series.

  71. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Worthy continuation of the original

  72. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Just as good as the first game.

  73. Verified Owner (verified owner)


  74. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Backstory on Yuuji. Story lacks the number of paths from the original but feels like more fun. Strongly recommend to fans of Frontwing or the Grisaia series.

  75. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Short side story but satisfying continuation of the original.

  76. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    It’s a nice continuation to the first one. It’s great with some really touching “touching” moments. It’s not as good as the first game, but if that game were to have a good sequel, it would be this.

  77. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Yuuji’s backstory is both messed up and beautiful big fella.

  78. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The story telling of his childhood was so enticing, listening to him tell his story while watching the flashbacks and memories was perfect. Yuuji goes in depth on how difficult and traumatic his childhood was like. He explains his childhood thoroughly from an early elementary student to a young teen boy.
    The various short stories are a continuation of the previous game, Fruit of Grisaia, and each story continues on from which route you take. Perfect. Great. Much story.

  79. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    A great continuation of the

  80. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    A great continuation to a great story

  81. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    great continuation of story

  82. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    One of the best visual novel series.

  83. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Great follow up to a great visual novel.

  84. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Great continuation to the first visual novel.

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