Tenioha! Mami’s Little Sub

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Not long ago, I entered the realm of adult working life, brimming with hope and ambition. After a nightmarish first twelve months, however, that all seems like a distant memory. I yearn for the past, for a simpler time when my middle-aged boss’s constant berating didn’t ruin my evening commute home. These days, the bachelor’s life I so looked forward to echoes my own cluttered state of mind, as I dig into yet another discounted supermarket bento to avoid my sink full of dirty dishes.

“…Might as well rub one out…”

I put on one of my favorite, nastiest porn actresses and slowly fap myself into a fever pitch. After my second helping, followed by a third, I stare at the ceiling, riding my cheap high. With years of pent-up horniness and still no outlet, my life as a functioning adult offers zero respite. And so I’ve spiraled from vanilla porn, to spicier fare, and finally, to hardcore kink, where I can lose myself in femmy fantasies of submission and humiliation.

“I wonder if there’s anyone out there like that for me… A genuine nympho who’d just… milk me until my cock runs dry. Just one mature MILF type with all the right curves, and I’d be set for life…”

A familiar face flashes in my mind, but I swiftly dismiss it with a shake of my head.

“What’s wrong with me? She’s literally my coworker…”

Yeah, there’s always that one girl at the office—my tormenting, patronizing superior, Mami Himekawa. Sure, she’s got the looks, the laugh, the walk, and that voice, but I highly doubt she shares my unconventional interests. Well, at least not the kind of kink I happen to be into… right?

And yet, just when I least expect it, the answer to that question reveals itself in broad daylight, right under my nose.

“Hey there, kiddo. Mind if I get a taste of your cherry?”

She whispers to me with alluring gestures, seductively licking her lips. Her fingers run over my trousers as the scent of sex and pheromones waft over from her soft skin, and my rationality slowly fades—

By evening, I’m already panting beneath her like a madman, the pleasures of ultimate submission gradually awakening in my mind…