TAMAKAGURA Tales of Turmoil

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Yuuma Nagumo, a freelance exorcist, struggles between his own ideals and the harsh reality of life around him. When his childhood friend Yukari Kaburagi suddenly gains exorcist powers of her own, Yuuma at first tries to keep her out of the fray… but after some unexpected twists and turns, the two agree to fight youkai side-by-side in Inakibi Village. Soon another priestess—Chihaya Inudoh, from Kijimori Shrine—joins their party to complete her exorcist training, and the trio set out on their journey together! As more and more urgent quests pour in, they protect the peace of the land from evil, but a terrible threat rises to stand in their way…

Defeat youkai with your own demon-vanquishing powers, or summon friendly youkai allies to your aid. Explore and master a sophisticated battle system featuring five unique attributes, character compatibilities, and more.

Release accumulated Karma to activate powerful, demon-vanquishing hidden arts—use these as your trump card when the going gets tough.

When your party members fall in battle around you, you’ll become enraged and more powerful than ever. Unleash your hard-won wrath wisely—you might be able to save your friends yet!

By combining captured youkai with each other, they’ll inherit unique attributes, powering up their stats and battle potential.

The game’s story progresses primarily as a visual novel, complete with adult scenes. Unlike the “Dawn of Kagura” series, where the focus is on one heroine at a time, TAMAKAGURA follows three main characters at once for more developed dialogue and extra eye candy. Enjoy the chaos of a male protag working alongside two Youkai-vanquishing priestesses—a long time coming in Debonosu’s Kagura titles in general!

Being “bred” with various youkai has long been a signature feature of the Kagura series. In this game, you’ll be able to savor the striking differences in H-scenes where the same youkai is breeding with a virgin or non-virgin, and the pleasure felt by the heroines after servicing a youkai twice or more—complete with a background voice option! Even when nobody is moaning up a storm, the heroines’ panting and kissing sounds can still be heard, making the experience even more immersive.

This is a revival of the “therapeutic sex” scenes not incorporated in the “Dawn of Kagura” series, making this game the first time in the franchise that you’ll be able to see priestesses in action without any youkai in the picture. The number of times you get “healed” by a priestess might even determine other outcomes…

We’ve also added multiple bad endings, as requested by many “Dawn of Kagura” fans—you can unlock them by meeting various conditions!