Summer Memories

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Book Details

Title: Summer Memories
Artist: Triangle!
Language: English
Pages: 140
Format: PDF
Color: Full Color


“Me and everyone from class, in a place you don’t know about…”

Miku Soneyama has her peaceful life with her new and first-time boyfriend destroyed by a single transfer student, Akira Saotome. The persistent harassment turns sexual once the boys join in. “I can’t make him worry”, she thinks, but in the classroom, the club room, even at home, she is subject to the epitome of humiliation and slowly starts to feel pleasure…

Experience cuckoldry through the main character’s eyes:
Feel unease as you watch the girl you love change before you. Knowing about it makes you want to help her, but you can’t. You can’t even talk to her about it!

Watch a delinquent party girl torment a pretty sporty girl:
She’s physically tormented by the boys, but the sight of the good girl in pain from words that only another girl can say – that’s something else.

See numerous scenes of the good girl being humiliated, from her perspective:
Trying to endure silent masturbation, a fellatio game, strip tennis – every page is full of humiliating acts!

An original scenario, with an easy-to-read manga feel:
Different to your usual ‘doujin’ manga, this scenario is specifically made for download!


Miku Soneyama:
The most popular girl in class and active at that. She’s never had a boyfriend before.

Akira Saotome:
Transfer student and “gyaru”. Hates it when she doesn’t get her way. Seems like something happened between her and Miku in the past…

Miku’s classmate and boyfriend, but he’s a virgin and hasn’t had the cajones to do it with her yet.