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2D Action Game
* Note
This game requires DirectX 9.0c.

Connect the gamepad before you run the game if you want to use it.
Direction Key/Left Stick: Select/Move
V/Button(Y): Pick item
A/Button(LB): SP Attack Ready
F/Button(RB): Defend
S・D/ Left Right: Dodge

The richest city Sodom is called capital of sin. Local Mafia kidnapped the mayor and the rookie agent Lapis came to the street to beat the criminals.

2D Action Game
Fight the criminals and their leaders. Get the information to rescue the VIP. You should know your enemy before the fight. There’s a weapon store which can offer you supplies.

New character Fyra is playable from the second round.

*Erotic Content
The heroine will be raped if beaten.
Raping, gangbang, AV, Cum inside are main.
Basic CG x30 with Animation