Shining Song Starnova Limited Edition

$ 45.00

Earn up to 450 Points.


The Limited Edition version comes with the digital game as well as DLCs for the Vocal Collection and the OST.

Take on the role of Mr. Producer and help make the dreams of the seven girls in Shining Productions come true!


Take the stage in Shining Song Starnova! From the creators of the “Sunrider” series comes a new story… The girls of Shining Productions come from different backgrounds but all share the same dream of being idols someday, but for different reasons they’ve all been able to make it big. Along the way, though, they’re forced to come face-to-face with the harsh reality that the entertainment industry isn’t as perfect as it seems on TV…

The player takes on the role of Producer – it’s your job to make these girls’ dreams come true! Shining Song Starnova is a dramatic and gripping story about the path to stardom. Just remember: even though it may seem dark, the light at the end is always shining!

This visual novel features seven different routes and heroines to choose from, and is partially voiced by popular Japanese voice-acting talent!


  • Seven heroine routes
  • Partial Japanese voice acting from professional voice actresses
  • Animated H-scenes
  • Fully uncensored
  • Includes both the Vocal Collection and OST DLCs!


System Requirements



Windows XP


1 GHz Intel or AMD Processor


1024 MB or 1 GB RAM


OpenGL or DirectX Compatible Graphics Card


3 GB available space


Version 9.0c