Secret Agent

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This love awakening is overwhelming.

The family of our protagonist — Mikage Jin — are descendants of a line of ninjas responsible for national security since the Edo era.
Jin was born and raised to follow in the footsteps of his secret agent mother as a ninja in training.
He’s been ordered to infiltrate Touka Academy undercover in order to solve a series of incidents from a self-proclaimed “Bat.”

Having successfully infiltrated the academy with his AI partner Momoka, he is able to carry out his mission without raising suspicion, while deepening his friendship with his classmate Kanon Mayfield, the knight Shirogane Kagura, captain Renjouji Main, and junior Amenomori Yui.

However due to an unfortunate accident, Jin’s identity is exposed, and with his true identity revealed, it would mean failure for his mission, however…

Please make me a ninja!!

Will Jin still be able to fulfill his mission?