Saint Emiliana

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Emiliana lives a simple life as a nun in the remote village of Zamak.

One day, Mariethas soldiers appear in the village’s market on a Witch Hunt. There they capture Emiliana’s sister, Laura, accusing her of being a Witch.

In order to save her sister, Emiliana exchanges her soul for the power of a Witch. Now, Emiliana must wrestle with her faith as she searches for her sister.


Kagura Games

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1 review for Saint Emiliana

  1. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    If you’re wondering if you should buy this game, well, I’d suggest you do. The system is a bit crashy so save often. Other than that though, this game is top knotch. Everything is uncensored. The H Scenes are fully animated. There are a few visual novel type scenes as well. Also the combat is fairly straight forward – turn based. Look around the world things are hidden everywhere. Plus there is a fishing minigame where you’ll catch nothing about 9 out of 10 times. That’s more of a downside but hey, not everything’s perfect.

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