Sacrament of the Zodiac: The Confused Sheep and the Tamed Wolf

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Their sweet, slightly erotic school life…

Every year, there is a ritual called the “Sacrament”, where they pray and get baptized to the goddess. There is a school saying, that if during this time a person shows one of the twelve zodiac stigmas, they will bring happiness to all. Alissa, who has been chosen as the Princess of the White Sheep, falls in love at first sight with Hitsuji, a recent transfer student. Understanding Hitsuji’s intentions, Alissa is attracted by her strength and awkwardness and decides to accept her.

Mokose Alissa, a first-year who is partaking general courses. During the Sacrament, her cheeks showed the stigma of Aries and became the Princess of the White Sheep, believed to be one of the twelve to bring happiness. Suou Hitsuji, a first year, who transferred to the school. She is shy as well very wary of her surroundings. However, she loves Alissa, who understood her from the beginning and accepted her as she is. Two months from April. The story about the two is told.


  • HD graphics and UI
  • With the push of a button, you can change perspectives in real time!
  • Delicate Yuri Storyline
  • Japanese Dub


Kuro Irodoru Yomiji

29 reviews for Sacrament of the Zodiac: The Confused Sheep and the Tamed Wolf

  1. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I’ve been waiting for such a Yuri Novel as myslef I’m a girl and I understood every bit of the story…I hope I could be part of the story too…the plot, graphics, animation everything it’s very state of the art for me and exactly my type for VN…this is a review but I can’t write anymore I don’t want to accidently add spoilers cause It has happened a few times so I just wanted to give the creators and producers and everyone who put work and faith into this project my thanks and congratulations good job everyone you did a good job!

  2. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Literal nut city right here with the sexuality between the characters. I can nut so hard to this shit its awesome

  3. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I liked the name of this VN, but other then that it’s got yuri ! yay yay yuri pie, yah yah yuri galore.

  4. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Sacrament is short VN that’s a little light on content and uses a very small amount of CG to tell its story. The concept of dual perspectives was a nice idea but in the end felt like it wasn’t implemented as well as it could have been. However the yuri romance was very well done imo, being quite gentle and sweet, so overall I still think it’s a worthwhile read.

  5. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    it’s really good

  6. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I absolutely love how these two girls are drawn – they’re so adorable! This was a short, fun read and would recommend to all yuri lovers.

  7. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    on the yuri scenes.

  8. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Sacrament of the Zodiac: The Confused Sheep and the Tamed Wolf is a slightly short and sweet yuri visual novel. Recommended for any yuri lover. There was a dual concept idea where you can see both characters’ thoughts about a particular scene. Side notes: There is mention of Hitsuji’s childhood friend (Len from The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto) likewise these two protagonists make a brief appearance in Ne no Kami which I thought was pretty cool.

  9. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The romance is really well done, great read!

  10. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Nice yuri

  11. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Short interesting Yuri VN which is mentioned at the beginning of the Ne no Kami series due to this and that having the same setting.

  12. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    great angles for the 18+ scenes

  13. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    More Yuri Please

  14. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Worth picking up for Yuri fans.

  15. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    must buy

  16. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    For yuri lovers!

  17. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Great stuff

  18. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I loved this

  19. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    yuri. blue haired girl is the cutest. i like cute girls.

  20. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    good, signed me. hi, bye.

  21. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Yuri is always welcome

  22. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Yuri schoolgirls

  23. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I don’t want to sell this VN short. The art is lovely. The voice acting is exceptional. Those are things to be proud of, but I had a lot of trouble engaging with the story. I know it’s always hard to ‘get into it’ when something is so short, but in this case, I felt the source of that was a lot more to do with the lack of depth in the world presented. I felt like I really didn’t see the bigger picture of the school it takes place in, and I also had a hard time grasping just how their relationship progressed because it skipped so much so often. At the same time though, as a huge fan of yuri, and as such, I would still recommend this to any fellow yuri fan, because for the money it costs, you get plenty of cute girls kissing.

  24. Verified Owner (verified owner)


  25. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Gotta love it

  26. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Worth the money

  27. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    A bit short but still a wonderful experience. High quality throughout.

  28. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Really loved the story and the art. Wish there was more!

  29. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    It’s interesting book. Sometimes soft graphic make for you some emotions like unnaturalness. But it doesn’t corrupt the plot, but gives a better understanding.

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