Riddle Joker

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For decades, superpowers and psychic abilities were thought to be mere science fiction, but the discovery of a certain particle called the “Astron” at the end of the 20th century proved to the world that these wondrous phenomena were real. Nowadays, these abilities have been dubbed “astral abilities,” with those who can wield them being knows as “Astrals.”

Arihara Satoru is but an ordinary person living in this futuristic world.

However, beneath that guise, he’s actually a secret agent working for an organization that uses Astrals.

One day, he receives a new mission:

Pose as a student and infiltrate a famous academy for Astrals.

After successfully transferring into the academy together with his sister Arihara Nanami, he settles into his new life there, meeting new friends like his classmates Mitsukasa Ayase and Nijouin Hazuki, and his upperclassman Shikibe Mayu, among others.

Until an unfortunate accident leads to Mitsukasa Ayase finding out his true identity! And in that situation, he also learns that she has her own big secret…



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2 reviews for Riddle Joker

  1. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    As per usual with Yuzusoft titles, I LOVE the music! With other titles like Senran Banka and Sanoba Witch to play before this, I am excited to see how this game pans out. In addition, the CG’s are beautifully done, and some of the usual CV’s I have come to expect and relax with as I play. Lastly, I am also thankful that they have kept the flowchart system from Senran Banka. All in all a very great game!!

  2. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Yuzusoft games are always a step above the rest, and this one no different.

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