Re;Lord 3 ~The demon lord of Groessen and the final witch~

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A fantasy world where magic exists.

This is a story where demons lived among the denizens of the world. And it’s the demon realm that was about to face an unprecedented crisis when three “Witches of Ruin” suddenly appeared and invaded the demon country of Saarland.

Wilfried Heisenburg, son of the governor of Groessen and his army continue their quest to reclaim territories lost to the Witches and turns toward Greiz, the political center of Groessen. Once a thriving city with trains that run from there to the royal capital, it has all the appearances of an eerie ghost town. With Herford and Cologne liberated, only the Witch of Greiz remains.

As Wilfried’s forces march on Greiz, the fated hour also approaches as if to ridicule him. Thus begins his final battle.


  • Point and click action RPG
  • Full Japanese voice acting including main character, Wilfried
  • Whimsical character and enemy designs
  • Traverse the world map and reclaim territory using a variety of blocks
  • Utilize the elements of wind, fire, lightning and ice to subdue your enemies
  • Recruit allies and use their skills to give you an edge in battle
  • Achievements system
  • Tutorial and Training modes