Princess Evangile

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It’s a cold night in March.
The protagonist wanders homeless through the city after getting stuck with an enormous debt from his good-for-nothing father.
Suddenly, he spots a girl surrounded by hostile figures.
A destined encounter… with Rousenin Rise.
Before things get bad, he drive off the attackers and saves Rise.

His actions prove to Rise that he is a man of character, and so she tells him about her plan.
She wants to enroll him in a locally famous charm school — Vincennes Private Girls’ Academy.
The Vincennes board of directors has long been torn over the idea of “integrating” boys into the student body.
After years of argument, the chairwoman (Rise’s grandmother) has declared them at an impasse.
Instead, she decides, they will admit a single boy as a “sample,” to let the students decide for themselves if they want integration.
The protagonist is admitted to Vincennes to serve as this sample. But…

There are two important organizations in Vincennes: the “White Lily” and the “Red Rose” societies.
Rise is the leader of the White Lily society and means to use it to push for integration.
But her fellow representatives refuse to take part, and quit the society instead.
Vincennes’s board of directors may be split on integration, but the student body is 99% against it.
Our hero’s future is in doubt. And there’s something else Rise has been keeping from him…
In fact, he need to pass another trial in order to stay at the school at all…
There’s going to be a vote.
At the end of the first term, the whole student body will vote to decide whether he can stay or not.
If he doesn’t pass, he’ll have to leave school before the year is even out!

Can the lone boy at an all-girls school get these innocent maidens — the Filles de la Vincennes — to accept him?!