Princess Evangile W Happiness

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Through a strange series of events, Okonogi Masaya enrolls at “Vincennes Private Girls’ Academy” as a sample student. As the only man at this all girl’s school, he runs into one obstacle after another. Will the protagonist be accepted by the pure, high-class maidens of Vincennes–the Filles de la Vincennes?!

[Rise] Gender integration has been approved,
and Masaya is safely able to stay at
Vincennes. After a brief moment of
relief, the two worry whether or not
they will end up in the same class in
their third year. To their dismay, they
end up in separate classes, and reach
out to the chairwoman for a favor.
She agrees, in exchange for one job.

[Ritsuko] Masaya learns some very interesting news, but is feeling rather conflicted about it. Ritsuko does her best to support him from the sidelines, and even puts on a cheerleader’s uniform to cheer him up! Her encouragement certainly perks him up–in all sorts of ways!

[Ayaka] Now that Ayaka has graduated, she spends her days feeling lonely, but is able to see everyone for the first time in ages during Golden Week. After feeling like a “bird in a cage” for so long while at the academy, Ayaka decided to take on a part-time job. Seeing her hard at work makes Masaya see her in a whole new light.

[Chiho] It’s her final summer at Vincennes. As a member of the Track Club, Chiho sets her sights on the nationals, and devotes herself to practice. However, her less than ideal times have her really stressed out. Worried, Masaya hears her out and finds the reason to be truly unexpected, and yet not at the same time… “My breasts have gotten too big…”

[Konomi] By chance, Masaya ends up practicing with the Naginata Club. He is quickly enamored with Konomi as he watches her firm, yet dignified lessons. Through club activities, their relationship only grows more intense, but there is one problem. Namely, Konomi is clueless when it comes to male-female sexual relationships.

[Ruriko] One morning, Ruriko suddenly awakens to find Panterbell, whom always sleeps with her, is missing! This continues for several days, leaving her extremely worried. Where could Panterbell be running off to…? Ruriko asks for Masaya’s advice, and together, they decide to follow her furry friend to find out exactly where he was going.

[Mitsuki] Mitsuki starts to develop feelings for Masaya after he saves Marika, whom she reveres greatly. However, after spending so many years hating men, she is having a hard time expressing her feelings. This causes Mitsuki nothing but agony. Over her summer vacation, she helps Masaya with his homework. Just like that, they gradually grow closer.

[Tamie] The camera-loving Tamie plans an absurd cross-country trip to take photos over her summer vacation. For some reason, Masaya gets roped into joining her. During their trip, their relationship quickly becomes hot and heavy, and when they get a nice mood going… something terrible happens!

[Marika] Until now, Marika was seen as the “respected student council president.” She never questioned herself before, but since falling in love with Masaya, her confidence has wavered. Why? Because she cannot fall in love with someone while she continues to hide her true self. She decides to reveal who she really is and face Masaya head-on.