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Seiran Island, a tropical eden where wanton sex acts are permitted according to local “pervert law.” But even here in paradise, there are those who would rather stay celibate.

There’s the lesbian little sister who’d secretly bone her own brother…
The delinquent classmate everyone’s decided is a raging slut…
The tiny upperclassman so petite guys assume she’s off limits…
The timid wallflower girl with a hangup about showing off skin…
And me–a guy with a “huge” complex about his own little guy.

Yet united, we form the anti-copulation front No Love No Sex!
As its founder and head honcho, I, Junnosuke Tachibana,
won’t stop until we’ve crushed this crazy sex law once and for all!

I’ve even found a benefactor in this crusty old rich guy, name unknown…
He’s hooked us up with a secret base and a butt-ton of cash already.
In return, he wants us to find someone and “protect her at all costs.”
Apparently, she holds the key to our mission’s success…?

In which case, there’s only one thing to do: locate this mystery girl.
And all while keeping the SHO off our scent, too…
Oh, and our virginities intact.

Make no mistake! I’ll stop that perverted law in its tracks, just wait and see!