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Known only as “Ninja”, these mysterious mercenaries have worked in the shadows of history from ages past.Dealing in espionage, secret plots and assassination, the ninja brought prosperity to Daimyo and Feudal lords from the shadows.

Present day—
In the village of their ancestors, ninja continue to leave for training, as is tradition. However, due to lack of requests for work, the village has become nothing but a small gathering of houses in the mountains.

It is from this village that Sumire was commanded to leave, with orders to train in the city by her father, the village chief.

However, lacking food and money, she collapses on the side of the road.
Saved by the main character, she is determined to repay her debt to him and suddenly becomes an uninvited guest as his house…


CV:Mikan NonakaHeight: 158cm
Weight: 42kg
Bust/Waist/Hip measurements: 86D/59/87The only daughter of the Ninja Village chief.
Already has the sufficient qualities, ability and knowledge of a ninja, but is a natural clutz and always making mistakes.Ordered to train by her father, she has left the ninja village hidden in the mountains and left for the city.
Leaving the mountains without any food or a coin in her pocket, she passes out from hunger.
There she is saved by the main character who happened to pass by.
In order to repay the debt of saving her life, she barges into the main character’s house as an uninvited guest.

Loves to eat and is always pigging out!




2 reviews for NinNinDays

  1. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I was a bit hesitant to try this game at first, since it featured only a single heroine rather than the typical two or three options available to most of these games. However, the art work is really good, and the CGs drawn by Qureate’s artist (AkasaAi) aren’t at all shy about showing the ninja girl in some rather interesting positions throughout the story, from the moment you find her passing out from hunger. Additionally, the Emote system does a good job of animating the adorable ninja girl.

    By the time I beat the game with the first ending, I was thinking this was a four star game… but then I saw that I still had some CG that I hadn’t unlocked, and went ahead to unlock the second ending. The way the main character mans up to win the approval of Sumire’s father was so over the top and epic that I had to choice but the upgrade my rating to five stars. For a game with only a single heroine… well done, Qureate!

  2. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Overall I had a good time, the screenshots are a bit misleading as they don’t show just how FINE the main heroine’s butt is, AkasaAi really outdid themselves on this one.
    It was great >thumbs:

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