NEKOPARA Vol. 3 Digital edition

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Patisserie “La Soleil”, run by Kashou Minaduki, is flourishing thanks to the help of two catgirls: Maple, full of pride and a little on the haughty side, and Cinnamon, an impulsive daydreamer.

These two are especially close among the rest of the sisters. One day, Maple encounters something that shakes her belief in attaining her dream. Cinnamon, unwilling to see Maple suffer, wishes to help her in any way possible… but she can’t figure out how. This story is a heartwarming cat comedy about their ambitions and the bonds between family members… with a little ecchi on the side, too.


  • Fully voiced (except for the main character)
  • Animated character movement and poses using the E-mote System
  • Game text and UI can be seamlessly switched between English, Japanese and Traditional Chinese
  • H-scenes are also animated*

* Please note NEKOPARA Vol. 3 does not originally contain fully uncensored H-scenes. This means there are still mosaics in place.

  • OS: Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Processor: 1.8 GHz Pentium 4
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1280 x 720
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 3 GB available space



70 reviews for NEKOPARA Vol. 3 Digital edition

  1. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Having played through the others in the series, I was expecting good things from Vol.3. And I wasn’t disappointed. Sure, there is the usual antics from the catgirls, but, this one would be the best one in the series for me so far. The storyline was quite touching. Cinnamon and Maple sure do have a unique relationship compared to the others. (But I must admit, I am also rather biased because Maple is my favorite!)Its no wonder that the series is so popular. Not only do the catgirls move and express themselves, which is cute,, but the voice acting is top notch, as well as the amazing artwork by none other than Sayori. Overall, another great volume to add to the already successful franchise. Lets hope there is more to come!

  2. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I’m going to go ahead and say this, 100% glad I bought this. It has a GREAT story, I’d say better than any of the last 3 games. I think Sayori and co. are learning how to make the games better and putting the knowledge to work for sure 😀

  3. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I have played all of the Nekopara games so far and also got on board the anime backing on kickstarter. Nekopara never disappoints, with cute characters and a lovely story, you will have a lot of fun with this visual novel.

  4. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Thank you Sayori sensei..

  5. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Out of all of them this one is the best

  6. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    For a third time, Nekopara doesn’t disappoint in delivering simple but charming story, colourful and fun characters, great voice work, amazing art and enough cuteness to make you smile. Yes, it is still adult visual novel but H-scenes are tasteful and classy, little silly with all that e-mote bouncing on display and very cutefied, I am happy for Maple and Cinnamon to get more backstory and focus but other girls still have fair shake, story have interesting twist at the end, and it delves into issue that I didn’t expect from something so fluffy and cute. But don’t worry, it is not lethal and you will get your hyperactive Chocola and stoic Vanilla, clumsy Coconut and tsundere Azuki plus horny Cinnamon and cool Maple in one enjoyable, laid-back package for I think very fair price. Love and effort on display here is worthy your money.

  7. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    So after playing the first two games in the series and absolutely enjoying them, of course I’d be interested to play the next sequel. What we have here in the third game is a charming but mature heroine and an adorable but perverted other heroine who are both rather close to each other than any other due to past events. The reason why I loved this specifically is because of how the two cat people were so aware of how their romance with the protagonist is bound to be on its way since he has gotten so close with every other person aside them. I found it enjoyable seeing how they were trying to keep the facade of denying it, only to have it crumble down to submission. I loved the two characters the most and would definitely recommend

  8. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Don’t waste your time thinking about buying this game just buy it you wont be disappointed.

  9. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Vol. 1&2 were great, but Vol. 3 is definitely the best. NEKOPARA continues it great production across the board delivering yet another endearing and emotional story. This time it focuses on the remaining two sisters Cinnamon and Maple who like the others make for a great combination. Maple struggles with what it means to be a Cat-girl, while Cinnamon tries desperately to help her best-friend fulfill the dreams she had long given-up on. For such a light and fluffy series, it delves into an unexpected topic yet that just makes it all the more interesting. If you have the first two games don’t hesitate to get this one too. I can’t wait to find out what Vol. 4 has in store.

  10. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Just like the title says.

  11. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Awesome, just like the others in the series!

  12. Verified Owner (verified owner)


  13. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Do you like cat girls and cinnamon? If yes, then say bye bye to the money in your wallet.

  14. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    A continuation of the ever growing harem of the main character now with more catgirls to enjoy.

  15. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Just completing it.

  16. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Really liked the focus on the two girls in this volume. They had an interesting relationship and beautiful character designs… Nekopara never fails to deliver!

  17. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    This might not be the last one for the series. It’s on their twitter (developers) page somewhere.

  18. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Originally bought it from steam though but its worth it. =w=b

  19. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Lots of cats

  20. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    This time its a bit more emotional!

  21. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Must buy for a weaboo, 9/11 must play

  22. Verified Owner (verified owner)


  23. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Very good CG scenes.

  24. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    worth buying!

  25. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    this is an amazing game 5 stars

  26. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    woth buying because FURRYS AND GIRLS i got all of the neko games

  27. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Having all the other games from the series, this was a must-buy. If you played the previous games, you know what I’m talking about, and if you didn’t… What the hell are you doing here, go play ’em. Nothing else to say here, just a masterpiece, like all the others.

  28. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Best route!

  29. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Got this through Steam, loved it, and had to come here and support the developers by getting the 18+ patch. After playing through all three volumes this game actually got me interested in catgirls, but also baking pastry making. Sparking life passions through hentai, that’s what VNs are all about.

  30. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Great Art and Fun Story

  31. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I have never been the biggest fan of visual novels, but this series has changed that. I enjoy the story as well as the wonderful art and adult content. Plus it feeds my neko-girl fetish.

  32. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    This is the ending to the series staring Maple and Cinnamon. The other cat girls also get parts as well. You can check out the game which is their singing career I think. They have a anime version which starts out just like vol 1 VN. I highly recommend playing through Vol 0 which shows what happens right before the 1st one and gives a little more back story to the VN.

  33. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Cute characters, great story, and a little bit of 18+ action.

  34. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Favourite volume because of Maple <3

  35. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Best Eroge great scenes

  36. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Nekopara Volume 3 hits all the right notes, with an interesting story and very good cg’s. It is enthralling from beginning to end.

  37. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The latest entry into the Nekopara series focusing on the story of catgirls “Cinnamon” and “Maple”. Highly recommended so you can complete your catgirl harem.

  38. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Even though Chocola and Vanilla remain my undisputed favorites, I can’t deny that Cinnamon and Maple are pretty freaking adorable. This latest volume offers new insight into the two characters who, up to this point, have not been in the limelight very much. I loved this glimpse into their friendship.I think a new program was used to animate this. The animations during sex scenes are a bit more fluid and bouncy. I can’t say I disapprove. The only thing I’m sad about is there’s no volume 4.

  39. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Though not as good as the 1st or 2nd game of the series, this is still a solid VN that’s well worth your money

  40. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Love this Franchise

  41. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I really like the 3 volumes and I can not stop playing, it’s incredible!I bought the DLC too and it’s worth it!

  42. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Just as good as the previous two in the series.

  43. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I bought this only because of Cinnamon.

  44. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Love vol 1 and vol 2 of this game!100% gonna love this one tooBest Visual Novel

  45. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I mean, what’s not to love about catgirls? Played it through 1 to 3. Worth every second of it.

  46. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Not much into the idol stuff,still good though. 9/10

  47. Verified Owner (verified owner)


  48. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Would recommend!

  49. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Good VN

  50. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    very cuteand some comedy here and thereif you bought vol 1 and 2 i recommend you get this volume as well

  51. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Cinnamon is the bestest of the goodest girls. God I love this series so much, can’t wait for more!

  52. Verified Owner (verified owner)


  53. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I will always love this series.

  54. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Still awesome and cute!

  55. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Even more Catgirls – checkEven more mostly meaningless story – check8/10 – Made even more catpanions again!

  56. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    excellent continuation from the continuation that was vol. 2a bit of the story seems kind of half-hearted, but that might vary based on what you’ve readotherwise, 9.5/10

  57. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    ( EE ) Cinnamon

  58. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The best girls are the feature in this volume and the story is more interesting this time (if you care about that kind of thing).

  59. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The story is just as amazing as 1 & 2 and an added bonus is you still get H-scenes with all 6 cat girls.

  60. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Gotta love it

  61. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    A good sequel.

  62. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Finally a worth while adventure with best girl maple and a satisfying conclusion till the 4th volume

  63. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Continuation. Nekos – I want to love them. Singing neko girls truly lovable! Same as with parts 1 and 2 – can’t stop moving through the story till the end, red it in one go.
    If you use Steam version, then consider 18+ patch – it’s “must have” for.

  64. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I got into the story and forgot the naughty scene at all. XD

  65. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Can you believe I bought this series for the story? Well believe it. Amazing

  66. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Very good story and animation. Couldn’t wait for the 3rd Vol. and was not disappointed. Good story with lewd scenes as a topping.

  67. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    One of the best VNS.

  68. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Just completely forgot myself while playing this and it was over before I knew it. I wish there were even more of these.

  69. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Great game great uncensored

  70. Verified Owner (verified owner)


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