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Welcome home, Master!

After rescuing the Cherubim, Mint, who you find passed out by the side of the road following her exile from Heaven, she moves in with you. Your close friendship naturally blossoms into something more, and she becomes your girlfriend. There’s never a dull moment with the cheerful, naively honest, and rambunctious Mint by your side, which is only amplified when Lily, a half-demon and close friend of Mint’s, suddenly shows up on your doorstep in all her over-the-top flirtatious glory.

Mint, the Cherubim, is eager to repay you for saving her life after she’d passed out from hunger. Unfortunately, she’s pretty clumsy, and no matter what she cooks, it always comes out a charcoal brick. Welcome to your new, honeymoon-esque lovey-dovey life alongside the cat-eared Cherubim, Mint!

Follow Mint, a popular girl from the doujin circle “Animal Herb,” as she stars in this brand new, heart-warmingly comedic game!

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