Neighbor Watching

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Our hero has no luck with girls and spends his nights staring at the starry sky.
Prompted by a friend, he tries his hand at ‘people watching’ and points his telescope downwards.
Much to his surprise, he focuses right on a young woman masturbating!
Our hero is enraptured by what he sees unfold before his very eyes.
When he regains his composure, he is wracked by feelings of guilt but cannot get the image out of his head.He begins spying on her every day, but when just watching is no longer enough, he looks up her contact information.
Her name…Minami Takeda.
Just wanting to hear her voice, our hero gives her a call.
One thing leads to another, and silent phone calls turn into blackmail about what he’s seen and an eventual visit to her home…!
Though she initially refuses our hero’s advances, his appetite cannot be satiated, and soon she begins to discover things she didn’t know about herself…
Two people brought together by coincidence fall into a love affair that they can never return from…
What will become of our two lovers…?


Akiko Iwamoto

A housewife who’s been married for 2 years. She has a reserved, kind personality.

She’s satisfied with the quiet life she lives with her husband.
Recently, though, her husband has grown busy and doesn’t have the time for her he used to.

She thinks her tranquil life will go on forever until our hero spies her masturbating and plunges her life into chaos.

She is unable to resist our hero’s coercion, but remains resolute that she is only doing these things to protect her family.

But by reluctantly complying with his lecherous demands, she begins to learn things about herself she never thought possible…