Nanairo Reincarnation

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Kagami Makoto is in his 3rd year of college when he inherits the estate of his late grandfather and starts planning out what he’s going to do with his newfound home. However, his plans are foiled when his childhood friend Iyo, who turns out to be a zashiki-warashi, introduces herself, looking exactly the same as he remembers her from over a decade ago. Then, a woman named Kikyou, who claims to be a demon, also appears before him.

After that, it isn’t long before a pretty detective at the police department comes knocking on his door, imploring him to take up his family’s duty of helping wandering spirits pass on to the afterlife and assist the police with any and all supernatural crimes reported in town. But when a case that’s bigger than any of them ever imagined comes his way, will he be able to handle it? With the power of clairvoyance, an ability passed down through his family that allows him to see spirits, maybe he and his demon familiars can pull through, and he can be a proper successor to his family’s legacy.


Takigawa Kotori

VA: Akino Hana

A girl who attends a school close to Makoto’s house, who chooses to become his assistant after he helps her out of a rough situation. She has an unnaturally strong sixth sense, which allows her to see ghosts, though her abilities are still flawed compared to Makoto’s. However, she can sense spirits near her, which is an ability that is wholly her own. Kotori is a bright, cheerful individual with a smile that never fades, but is sometimes so straightforward that she confuses those around her. She sees Makoto as an older brother of sorts and is constantly concerned about his safety


VA: Mamiya Yuzu

Though her outward appearance is that of an innocent young girl, she’s actually an ancient zashiki-warashi. Iyo supports Makoto with her vast reserves of knowledge, a fact that is not lost upon the inexperienced young head of the Kagami family. As a zashiki-warashi, she supposedly brings fortune to everyone who resides in the same house as her, but her twisted personality and tendency to tease others makes that hard to believe. Iyo is a hardcore gamer and seems to stay in her room, on her computer, at all times unless there’s food on the table. She mainly prefers online games too, where her dominant personality is fully unleashed.


VA: Misonoh Mei

Kikyou is a demon who was conjured by Makoto’s grandfather, the previous head of the Kagami family. Normally, a demon always accompanies their master into the afterlife, but Kikyou somehow remained behind in order to support Makoto. Demons are invisible to the naked eye and possess powers beyond human comprehension, but neither of those applies to her. Generally, she appears calm, kind, and reserved, looking exactly like an ordinary person, but when she gets mad…

Fushimi Azusa

VA: Kawashima Rino

A newly promoted detective who Makoto meets due to his new role as head of the Kagami family. The Kagamis have been working with the police for generations, receiving rewards for helping them close cases. Azusa works for the 13th Division, a branch that specifically deals with supernatural cases, and only began believing in ghosts upon meeting Makoto. Initially thinking she was sent off to a dead branch due to her lack of faith in the paranormal, she now lends her keen insight to the goal of helping wandering spirits move on to the afterlife.


VA: Ohkawa Mio

The first demon created for Makoto. Her cat ears and tail are unique to her, presumably formed due to Makoto’s odd tastes. She was born with the ability to read the memories of both people and objects, which is of great help when hunting down clues to crack cases. The only problem with her is that she’s a real firecracker, and rather feisty, so she often brings a whole bundle of problems with her.


VA: Misonoh Mei

The second demon created for Makoto. Curiously, both her appearance and personality matches Kikyou’s, perhaps due to how much she means to Makoto. She knows how to do any and all housework and is the only one of his demons who can be seen by an average person without a sixth sense, which makes chores like shopping a cinch. However, due to that, she has no special abilities whatsoever. Of course, because she looks like Kikyou, seeing her angry is… quite a sight.


VA: Fujisaki Usa

The third demon created for Makoto. Unlike the other demons, she wears western clothing and always carries around a stuffed toy named Axy. Iris is a telepath, a fact that allows her to link the minds of Makoto and all his demons in order for them to communicate more easily regardless of distance. However, precisely due to those powers, she has trouble speaking directly to people, so she stutters and stammers quite often in person.

Hijikata Yumi

VA: Hijikata Yumi

A junior who attends the same university as Makoto, although their long-standing relationship stretches much further past that. Unfortunately, the two of them are rather distant and awkward around each other at present because of certain circumstances… Yumi appears very bold and headstrong at a glance, but is actually quite shy and a bit of a late bloomer, even coming off as stiff and cold to the customers at the cafe where she works part-time. She completely lacks any kind of sixth sense, which means she views the world in a different light from Makoto. Still, despite everything, she desperately wishes to improve her relationship with him.


  • Multiple routes
  • Art by Sumeragi Kohaku
  • Fully voiced in Japanese (except for the main character)
  • Scenario by Kazuki Fumi
  • Music gallery
  • CG gallery
  • Scene mode
  • Uncensored/No mosaic