Nakadashi Banzai

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Do you wanna go to the city and talk to a girl you don’t know? Flirt with her? Take her back to your hotel? Fuck her? Maybe even give her the ol’ creampie?!

This is a game that let’s you explore those desires that everyone has deep down…
This is Nakadashi Banzai!

Nakadashi means creampie in Japanese, and as you can tell from the title, there’ll be flirting, there’ll be fucking, and, yup, there’ll be creampies.

You won’t be taking advantage of these girls. No, you’ll be using your charm and the art of conversation to get them back to your hotel, stick it in raw, and cum inside!

Though it might seem impossible at first, don’t give up hope…reality and unreality blend like you’ve never seen before in Nakadashi Banzai.

Come and see where the world of Nakadashi Banzai takes you!



Currently a temp worker.

A hip chick with great style.
Hey style isn’t forced, it’s all natural.
She doesn’t have too many dreams or big plans for the future.
She’s looking for a job and lives alone, so she must be raring to go.

She has a fair amount of sexual experience.
She’s the kind of girl who can’t say no, so you can go at whatever pace you like and see where it takes you!


A married woman.

Elegant and relaxed, she carries an intellectual air.
She looks young, but she’s been married 10 years.
She doesn’t have kids, and the passion in her marriage seems to have dried up.

As a married woman she definitely has experience, but it’s been a while since she felt the touch of a man.
She seems so prim and proper…can you bring out her true nature?!


A spoiled girl with a prickly nature.

She’s certain to have a softer side.
She’s a smart girl, but she doesn’t know much about the world. Can you use that to your advantage?

Her sexual experience seems to be nonexistent.
Though her chest may be small, her body is hiding a secret…