Nakadashi Banzai 4

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The “Guy” that really loves flirting, raw sex, and cumming inside pussies above all else is back yet again!

Wonder around town without the hot weather stop you, go pick up a hot chick!
Now! Take her to a hotel! Go fuck her raw and come inside her!!

This time we will be looking at a beautiful chilled out office lady, a tidy and proper married woman, and a girl who has a boyfriend!!

Try to persuade her to go with you into the hotel, then fuck them raw mercilessly!
Your man fluid is boiling hotter than the summer sun, go and fill those womens’ pussies until they burst!

Welcome to the “Flirting ・ Raw Fucking ・ Intravaginal Ejaculation” World!


Marika Shibakusa

Office lady that goes straight home after work.

A diligent worker indeed, and she know how to own the atmosphere.
She looks cool and unfriendly, but she’s actually very kind.
She is incredibly shy to strangers, is not honest about her feelings or emotions, and is often very blunt.

Due to her nature, she thinks love is cliched and is still a virgin.

Akiko Iwamoto

A tidy and motherly, family-oriented wife that’s quite tolerant and has a great sense of cleanliness.

She looks so young that you wouldn’t imagine she had two kids.
She is satisfied with her current lifestyle being surrounded by her kind husband and energetic children.

But, she suddenly recalled the throbbing from when she fell in love long ago, longing for those romantic emotions, a woman’s heart never forgets.

Kaneishi Nanami

A charming girl, with a cute smile.

She’s friendly and not two faced, she’s genuine and has an open attitude, she also has many male friends.

She has a boyfriend the same age as her, she acts all cute and childish only in front of him.