My Sister

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Book Details

Title: My Sister
Artist: Flage
Language: English
Pages: 116
Format: PDF
Color: Full color


My Sister: My ‘sister’ has gotten sex-crazy in the last few years since I’ve seen her, and we spend every night and day banging while I stay over!

My older sister has gotten really perverted in the last few years.
With her it’s nothing but sex, day and night, hour after hour.
How am I gonna handle staying over?!

My parents left on a long trip and were worried about leaving me home alone, so they dropped me off at a relative’s house.
My really nice cousin Sakura lives there.
It’s been years since I last saw her and since then, she’s… developed. Become a buxom, full-grown woman.
“I’ll be watching over you as of today, so let your sister take care of your every desire, in every way possible!”
…is how my time with her has started.
Dirty deeds. Day and night, non-stop!