My Little Sister’s Special Place

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Our hero, Youhei Nase, used to go to Akiba a lot when he was younger.

His reason for doing so wasn’t to have fun, but for his little sister’s sake.
Even still, he ended up becoming a big fan of Akiba’s game centers.

At one point, he becomes friends with one his classmates, who happens to be a rich girl, but that’s a story for another time.

One day, our hero’s younger sister, Yukana Nase,
is gifted a Christmas trip by a self-professed proper young lady.

Yukana enjoys their trip, where it’s just the two of them spending time together as if they’re a couple.
As our hero watches over his sister during this trip, he makes a realization.
He comes to the conclusion that he hasn’t truly saved his sister yet.

This is the delightful and touching love story of these two siblings.

This is the second game in the series!