My Ideal Life in Another World Vol. 7

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Book Details

Title: My Ideal Life in Another World Vol. 7
Circle: 23.4do
Artist: Ichiri
Language: English
Pages: 32
Format: PDF
Color: B&W
Original Release: Winter Comic1☆15 (2019)


Our protagonist used to be a 40 year old male virgin until he masturbated too much and dies from a technobreak. He finds himself reincarnated in another world where men can only go into heat and procreate once per year yet he has a special ability to go into heat whenever he pleases.

Lovemea reveals to Norun that she also comes from another world just like him. While they both haven’t figured out how they ended up in this new world, Lovemea uses her knowledge from the previous world to make some sexy outfits for Misha and Chise to help spice things up for Norun.

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