My Ideal Life in Another World Vol. 3

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Book Details

Title: My Ideal Life in Another World Vol. 3
Circle: 23.4do
Artist: Ichiri
Language: English
Pages: 35
Format: PDF
Color: B&W
Original Release: Summer Comic Market 94 (2018)


Our protagonist used to be a 40 year old male virgin until he masturbated too much and dies from a technobreak. He finds himself reincarnated in another world where men can only go into heat and procreate once per year yet he has a special ability to go into heat whenever he pleases.

One day, Norun learns that a maid will be hired to help around the house especially when Misha is at work. This girl turns out to be a childhood friend of Misha’s and also possesses a special power. While she does housework, Norun can’t help but get turned on by her and naturally one thing leads to another!

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