My Academy’s Special Place – 18+ DLC

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At the academy that our hero attends, his homeroom teacher also happens to be his older sister, Yaeka.

As an instructor, she is distinguished and very popular among the students.
Her only real flaws are that she’s always drunk and kind of a slob when she’s at home.

One of the hero’s classmates is Maika, an exchange student and big Akiba nerd. Once classes are over, she’s always inviting him to wandering about Akihabara with her.

At this point, the hero is used to seeing her buying up doujinshi and doujin games, a skewer of grilled squid in one hand.

He thought that these days would continue on forever.

But a sudden request for Maika to return to her home country changes everything.

Alongside Yaeka, who is also Maika’s homeroom teacher, he tries to help Maika out, but…

With the “Academy’s Special Place” as the stage, two love stories are about to begin.

This is the third and final game in the series!