Marshmallow All the Way Home

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Kanon: “…Are you okay?”

She peers down at me collapsed from hunger on the ground, then holds out her hand. As our fingers touch, her sweet, gentle aura feels almost palpable—so soft and fluffy, like a marshmallow…

Kanon: “Welcome to our humble pâtisserie!”

The next thing I know, we’re standing outside a cute cake shop called Marshmallow Tree where, as luck would have it, she’s the new owner… and is hiring me as a full-time, live-in employee!

Ushio: “Great to have you on board. Let’s make this shop the best it can be.”

And so begins my second lease on life—as a worker at a cake shop. Sure, business isn’t exactly booming here, but we’re dead set on fixing that, whatever it takes.

Sasa: “Eeep… The cakes and teas you serve here are always such a treat…”

Raiha: “I’m not so convinced this is the place for me yet, actually. Or something.”

Slowly but surely, and with a whole lot of love and support from new neighbors and friends, more and more customers finally start flocking in. And yet… why does our growing success only lead to more awkwardness and averted gazes from my coworkers…?

Ushio: “Check it out, I baked this new cake with you as the inspiration.”

Sasa: “I’m so sorry for trying to spoon-feed you! I know I’m about as charming as yogurt on a yogurt lid… Eeep!”

Raiha: “There’s a Japanese saying that a real man never turns down a ‘good meal.’ Care to walk me through it? Teehee!”

Kanon: “Isn’t it amazing we get along so swimmingly? Keep up the fantastic work, guys! We’ll have this place full of smiles and laughter in no time!”

Uhh, take a look around you, Boss! Are you sure that’s what’s going on here? Plus, with all these awkward moments day in and day out, what’ll happen to your beloved pâtisserie… and me?!

…Well, whatever happens, I guess this really does mark the start of a new, dare I say “marshmallowy” chapter in my life… Hmm, which sweet, fluffy flavor shall I choose?