Lubed Up Fitness ~ Arousing College Girl Workout 9

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Title: Lubed Up Fitness ~ Arousing College Girl Workout 9
Artist: De
Language: English
Pages: 26
Format: PDF
Color: B&W


“Chizuru, your pussy is just like a broken tap!” “Crap, I’m gonna get addicted to sex…”

Chizuru is a student and member of the fitness club of a woman’s university who likes to work up a sweat. After training, she goes to the change room to pick up something she forgot, and… what does she find? The club instructor Mitsuhiko going at it hard with her senior Akane. Seeing Mitsuhiko’s unrivalled schlong drill and mercilessly shoot into Akane turns Chizuru on… She tries to drink away the memories at a club party but passes out… and when she comes to, she’s alone with Mitsuhiko. Shaky on her feet and unable to resist, sees Mitsuhiko’s hands outstretch, and… He gives her a message! Her nipples are too sensitive and make her jerk every which way, and his massaging has leaving her all hot and bothered. The massage finishes off with… doing it raw?! And so begins Chizuru’s slutty fitness club campus life!