Kuri Kuri Click! 2 ~My Renaissance!~ – Uncensor DLC

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You are an expert in the secret art of the oil massage. So put those skills and those hands to good use and have your way with a cute girl!

Part two in a trilogy of games by developer, Girl’s Software!


Our protagonist lives in a remove forest and makes a living as a masseuse specializing in oil massages using secret oil concoction. However, when the Empire suddenly starts a war of aggression, customers stopped coming and no longer able to have his way with women through his oil massages, the protagonist hungers for women.

Then one day he meets a female knight who escaped after being injured and defeated in battle against enemy forces. Not only is the protagonist taken aback by the sudden appearance of a visitor, he is practically salivating at her looks. Under the guise of a oil massage to supposedly heal her wounds, he lays on the fragrant oil and begins his work…

Yes… This will be my Renaissance!


Soara Mei Wisteria
CV: Mito Mio

Full-bodied, Female Knight
Height: 165 cm
3 Sizes: B: 95cm, W: 60cm, H: 92cm
Blood Type: B

A young woman with a strong sense of justice but tends to run head first in to things without thinking. She hates being treated simply as a woman and is proud of being a knight. A proud, female knight.


  • Visual novel featuring the Kuri Kuri System: An in-game mode that allows you to touch and fondle Sora. Watch as she erotically reacts to each time you touch her. The more you touch (click) on her, the situation will evolve
  • Dolphin waxing control: No need to click to the end of the scene to finish. That timing can be executed at any time
  • CG and Scene mode to revisit scenes in the game
  • Multiple choices and endings
  • Full character animation: Both dialog and scene portions of the game are animated. Dynamic camera work let’s you enjoy all of Sora’s good angles
  • Heroine voiced by popular gravure idol, Mitou Mio in her voice acting debut
  • Features English, Simplified Chinese and Japanese language support with Japanese voice audio